Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend in review

It's hard to believe that tomorrow will be the end of February. Holy guacamole it went by fast! I'm sure I just said that at the end of January. Well March is certainly coming in like a lion. This weekend we got about a foot and a half of snow! Totally unbelievable! Ok, it's not unbelievable it's insane! Looking out my sundeck doors, all I see is white. Forget the backyard, the snow banks are as high as the railings, so it makes it hard clearing off the deck. Steve is not impressed. I don't think he has been out for two days. Not a happy camper that's for sure. Chowie just curls up and goes to sleep. Eat.....sleep ........that's good enough for me........I went running yesterday morning with Kelly, as she is training for the Boston Marathon in April.. Good on her! I don't mind running with someone who is training just can't see me training to do one myself. Althou I would love to go to Boston.....So we had a great run 13km, and hour and a half. Very slow but that's what makes it bearable. Speed = injury. Not in my books. Sure glad I did it yesterday cause they won't have the roads plowed for a few days and AGAIN it's going to be a "butt" freezing week with minus temps and windchill. Hello treadmill!

 I'm soooooooo excited! My Kobo reader is here. So I spent the weekend making covers for it. Cause you know it's all about the accessories. I crocheted one on Friday and Saturday, I made a cute little fabric case. I know, the ADHD and OCD were in high gear this weekend. Not to mention a crochet hook fabric folding case. I have to say there are some darn cute ideas out there, hence the reason I have to make a variety of accessories......that's the way I roll..........................................................:*)))))))))

Rosette and pearl embellishments
 Well that was my weekend. I am going to go finish watching the Scotty Tournament of Hearts and hope that Saskatchewan beats Jennifer Jones, not because I don't admire Jennifer and her play, I just like to see someone new win. Sooooo ...........................Good Luck Saskatchewan!!!!!!! Later my friends........

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm over it.......pass the wine

Well just when I thought things were looking up with the weather... Boy was I wrong! The forecast is for more cold next week and wind. So this has led to drastic measures! No I'm not talking back to the pool because I am water logged and done with that place for a bit......nope its the ever faithful clothes hanger......what? You don't know what that is? Really! Come on it's that machine you just had to have and you store it in the basement or it gets used mainly for hanging clothes on.....Yes, that's right I am talking about the treadmill. Hubs calls it the clothes hanger that would be because he's the one that decided to buy it, and I am the one who runs on it. I didn't think we needed one because I am a pretty hardy northern girl but I have to admit with -20 Celsius weather and a wind chill of -34, it's not looking so bad these days. So I have made up my mind to just DO IT! So today ........I put my shorts on and tank and pretended it was summer, whilst watching the Scotty Tournament of Hearts  curling this morning. Ya, ya, I know , curling......but actually it's a great sport and I can watch it for hours. So I put in 45 minutes pounding the rubber. Soooooo.... until the weather changes I will not give up. I found a program and I will improve my speed and endurance and quit my whining...............hahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!! Pass the wine..........

Like NOBODY smiles while doing this unless they are nuts!
Did a quick trip to Michaels at lunch and picked up wool to make daughter a purple-fushia throw for her bed, so far I have 6 inches done. Picked up and cut wood to make frame for my paint chip mosaic, will finish tomorrow. I will survive this cold weather and will not become discouraged. It cannot last forever! Take care my friends and stay warm! Have a good evening....................

Monday, February 21, 2011

I will not whine....ok maybe just a bit!

Can we say enough already! Just when you think it's going to warm up it kinda sorta does then the wind blows down from the north and makes it freaking cold as the Arctic! Trish and I ran this morning the first time since last Tuesday when the great freeze hit once again......I am so done with this winter. Hawaii never looked so good! I was just reading "Little Red Said" and see she has been busy making a felted needle holder, very cute Debbie! So this reminded me I wanted to make a felted book that I had seen over at "Little Birdie's Secret", so as soon as I finish up all these crochet projects that I have half way done, I am making this book. Can you have too many knitting needles and crochet hooks.......naaaaa didn't think so! Because don't you know they all have a different feel. Plastic, metal, bamboo, wooden, and some other foreign materials. So I need to put them all into ONE place so I have easy access.

Now I am scouting out e readers.......I am not very technologically inclined but I have been looking at the various varieties of e readers that are out there. I want it to be wireless, stylish, compact, very functional, and e pub friendly. So if someone out there has one and thinks its really, really good. Please let me know. Hubs said he would get me this for my birthday because I looooveeee to read, and to tell you the truth, I have been limited lately because I have only been getting books with the large print and the selection is quite poor to say the least. I don't want to have to strain my eyes any more than necessary. So I like the Kobo Wireless, 6 inch, lilac because it seems to come highly recommended and will do all the things I want it to do.

Kobo Wi-Fi  E Reader
 I hate not to have all my books lined up to read but they are a wee bit heavy when you are travelling so I will probably use it mostly when I am flying or travelling when the e reader would be more convenient. Anyway, so that's it that's all....I  am out of here and going to go sit and put my feet up and watch my tv shows for the evening and finish up a crochet project. Ciao for now........

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Hearts Day!

Happy Valentines Day! Did you wear red today? I did.... in the form of a tiny crocheted one. I thought I would make a few of these little darlings and adorn them on a pillow.......well.... it might have to be next year now.....time keeps slipping away.......So when I should have been doing Valentines crafts I wasn't..... so I think I will need to make a list of things to do for next year and start right after Christmas or maybe during summer holidays? I collected a few hearts today for my family and my friends to share. Because when you think of Valentines Day, it's just not about the "one" person in your life that you love, it's all the people in your life that make you who you are. And I don't want to get all mushy and stuff but I am grateful for my family and my friends who make up my life. Happy Valentine's Day to my wonderful husband, thank you for taking care of me and being my friend through thick and thin.

This looks to die for.......................................

Oh STOP my bleeding heart.......................

My favourite........................ahhhhhhhhh

And  chocolate certainly clinches the deal............
I hope your day was a special one, and that someone made you smile!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Too have to visit....

I just discovered a new blog to read. Carly over at "Chubby Chicks Run Too" OMG she is so funny! She lives in Minnesota. Right now she is fed up with winter and all that goes with it. Well I guess I can relate to that. Snow, slippery roads, minus temperatures.

But heck I am a northern girl and when you have 6 months of winter and 6 months of poor sledding you just have to get used to running WHENEVER!. I get it that we are tired of bundling up, putting on traxs, feeling like the Michelin Man. But she is hilarious, and I know I am going to love following her. I think she is lucky to live where she does, they have a lot of races and she is signing up for a bunch. I myself, tend not to sign up for anything because the minute I think I would like to run a race..... I get injured. And nothing makes me grouchier than NOT being able to run. I am totally sure that it is psychosomatic. Because I realized after last weekend it wouldn't take much to run a half marathon. I wouldn't try to break any records that's for sure. But I know I could finish.We're going to run tomorrow morning at 6 much to my displeasure (such an un-Godly hour) for a weekend but it will get it over with early in the day and the traffic will be almost nil. Then I will have the rest of the day to do other things.

So if you get a chance check out Carly, you won't be sorry. She will make you laugh. I need to find something new to do this week, not sure what that will entail, and I need to make a trip to the library for some new books to read. I know I have some yarn that needs knitting or crocheting just haven't figured out which I want to do first. So that's it for today. Just had to share my new discovery.

Ready, set, run!

Catcha later.........good night!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yet again a busy week

This week was very busy, not only was it -24C on Monday, we had a huge amount of snow dumped on us AGAIN! So between trying to stay warm and then shovel our way out, the outside kept us busy. My son's birthday was last Saturday and of course he isn't here but I spent a lot of time wondering where the years have gone. To me he is still a little boy and the baby of the family, of course he'd probably have words with me hearing me say that, but I'm his mom and I'm allowed. He's 22 now, a soldier and a man. Still..... I can't wrap my head around that but I am sure every mother feels that way about their children. I spent just about every evening crocheting, cause that's my craft of the week at the moment, but I also discovered fabric rosettes. I know a crafter with ADHD! Who woulda thought it was possible. Not to mention I have been making the paint chip mosaic, that will come later....but in the present......I made each of the girls a shrug, you saw them last time. And well they are in the mail. Then I got on the kick of these fabric rosettes. I. think. they. are. CUTE! And I don't care what some people might think, they are adorable. Sucky as the hubs says but what do men know?
They need to visit the Etsy store. is what I've accomplished.

Images appear larger than actual size!

Is this not adorable? Yes it is.

Not too shabby and not too chic

These blue beauties I think will adorn a jean jacket or a cardigan

There hasn't been much running happening this week but the 2 hour run last Saturday and a few days at the pool and our run this morning will tide us over till this weekend. I will certainly be much happier when we can get on a regular schedule again. I will not run at -24, or in a foot of snow, so this morning was quite nice, freshly plowed roads, crisp cool air, dry pavement, yes that is my idea of a good run. None of that other rude winter weather inconveniences. TGIF tomorrow and I am so glad this week is over. It has had it's ups and downs, that is for sure. Now it's time to go count sheep cause this craftyrunner is worn out. Good night!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

crazy about crochet

 So as most of my closet friends know when I become passionate about something look out! It's all or nothing until I tire of it. Well I'm not there yet but maybe after the next few creations. I found this pattern on the Bernat website and well I ran with it. Then I thought really I should make some for my girls. I know they always need little sweaters to cover their shoulders and I like to crochet. I'm thinking I like it better than knitting but that's still in the air. So I made two of these little shrugs so far.......I may make a few more. The first one was a trial run and the blue one I changed it up cause that's the way I roll........

So now that I 've made these two I know what I will change, the green one is the first one I made and I followed the pattern and well the second one I fiddled around with the stitches and the length and the finishing so that's the one I am going with. Jane likes green and Kait likes blue, and I have a humungus ball of black so I might have to shake up a newer pattern but I think they will be handy and good for those cool evenings.
I started my paint chip Ballard designed Mosaic picture, Jennifer over at Life, Crafts and Whatever Blog did a great tutorial so I tried to listen and now I am waiting for it to dry, the second coat of Mod Podge is on. Tomorrow I'll have to pick up some dark walnut stain. This is not a quick project so you'll have to wait on this one for a few days.

We ran yesterday, a gorgeous morning sun shining, a little slippery in some parts but Trish and I had recovered from our owies, so we hooked up with Kelly as she was doing a 3 hour run and needed some company or should say wanted someone to join her so I thought we could handle the hour and half. We did just fine for the hour and a half and..... well she had another 30 minutes to do.  So after we dropped Trish off, we took off around the block and put in another 30 minutes. Okay.... call me nuts! Yes I was but I felt good. Am I a little sore today? Yup but not injured so that's okay. It's all good.

Well SuperBowl LXV is history and the Packers are victorious! Good for them they held on when the Steelers were clawing at the backdoor. So it's back to work tomorrow. I don't know why the weekends have to fly by so fast.... oh well c'est le vie!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A couple of surprise visitors

We had a couple drop in on us this morning. I think they are starting to feel a little bushed and overwhelmed between the snow and temperatures. I would have really liked to have fed them a bit more than they were getting but they really should forewarn me that they are coming.

They didn't stay long, as I think they were on a mission searching for water. I would imagine all that tree bark can be quite drying! Steve was a little unsure as to what they were, so he didn't venture far off the deck to have a look see. Have a great day! Who will turn up unexpectedly at your place for breakfast?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mid-week catch up

I don't mean to be so tardy with the blogging but for some reason or another the days just get away on me. On this past weekend, I had a wee bit of a Bake-a-thon, so that Jane's dad could take down some goodies  to the girls.  I started on Saturday and finished up Sunday. Just looking at these makes me gain weight! But a mom's gotta do, what a mom's gotta do! Yes they are spoiled but I like to bake and I'm sure not doing all this for the Hubs and me. Or all this running and gym time would be for not. But I did make up a big plate of cinnamon buns just for him. Your welcome honey! And well they're only good when they're fresh. Right?

Oops! A little sideways!!!

That was my weekend a whole lotta baking going on!
It was unbelievably cold again the beginning of this week so Trish and I headed to the pool and I don't know what happened but I got this incredible cramp in my calf on Tuesday morning while water running, and I can barely walk. I did have a calf injury a few years back so it is always a little tender but this is excruciating and so I'm thinking there isn't going to be any running this week AT ALL!!!! I am hopeful between the heat, ice, tiger balm, and  A535, I am trying for Saturday if its better.In the meantime, there's been a few crocheting projects. Stay tuned. See ya! Back to the couch and my heat bag.