Friday, February 11, 2011

Too have to visit....

I just discovered a new blog to read. Carly over at "Chubby Chicks Run Too" OMG she is so funny! She lives in Minnesota. Right now she is fed up with winter and all that goes with it. Well I guess I can relate to that. Snow, slippery roads, minus temperatures.

But heck I am a northern girl and when you have 6 months of winter and 6 months of poor sledding you just have to get used to running WHENEVER!. I get it that we are tired of bundling up, putting on traxs, feeling like the Michelin Man. But she is hilarious, and I know I am going to love following her. I think she is lucky to live where she does, they have a lot of races and she is signing up for a bunch. I myself, tend not to sign up for anything because the minute I think I would like to run a race..... I get injured. And nothing makes me grouchier than NOT being able to run. I am totally sure that it is psychosomatic. Because I realized after last weekend it wouldn't take much to run a half marathon. I wouldn't try to break any records that's for sure. But I know I could finish.We're going to run tomorrow morning at 6 much to my displeasure (such an un-Godly hour) for a weekend but it will get it over with early in the day and the traffic will be almost nil. Then I will have the rest of the day to do other things.

So if you get a chance check out Carly, you won't be sorry. She will make you laugh. I need to find something new to do this week, not sure what that will entail, and I need to make a trip to the library for some new books to read. I know I have some yarn that needs knitting or crocheting just haven't figured out which I want to do first. So that's it for today. Just had to share my new discovery.

Ready, set, run!

Catcha later.........good night!

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