Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mid-week catch up

I don't mean to be so tardy with the blogging but for some reason or another the days just get away on me. On this past weekend, I had a wee bit of a Bake-a-thon, so that Jane's dad could take down some goodies  to the girls.  I started on Saturday and finished up Sunday. Just looking at these makes me gain weight! But a mom's gotta do, what a mom's gotta do! Yes they are spoiled but I like to bake and I'm sure not doing all this for the Hubs and me. Or all this running and gym time would be for not. But I did make up a big plate of cinnamon buns just for him. Your welcome honey! And well they're only good when they're fresh. Right?

Oops! A little sideways!!!

That was my weekend a whole lotta baking going on!
It was unbelievably cold again the beginning of this week so Trish and I headed to the pool and I don't know what happened but I got this incredible cramp in my calf on Tuesday morning while water running, and I can barely walk. I did have a calf injury a few years back so it is always a little tender but this is excruciating and so I'm thinking there isn't going to be any running this week AT ALL!!!! I am hopeful between the heat, ice, tiger balm, and  A535, I am trying for Saturday if its better.In the meantime, there's been a few crocheting projects. Stay tuned. See ya! Back to the couch and my heat bag.

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