Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yet again a busy week

This week was very busy, not only was it -24C on Monday, we had a huge amount of snow dumped on us AGAIN! So between trying to stay warm and then shovel our way out, the outside kept us busy. My son's birthday was last Saturday and of course he isn't here but I spent a lot of time wondering where the years have gone. To me he is still a little boy and the baby of the family, of course he'd probably have words with me hearing me say that, but I'm his mom and I'm allowed. He's 22 now, a soldier and a man. Still..... I can't wrap my head around that but I am sure every mother feels that way about their children. I spent just about every evening crocheting, cause that's my craft of the week at the moment, but I also discovered fabric rosettes. I know a crafter with ADHD! Who woulda thought it was possible. Not to mention I have been making the paint chip mosaic, that will come later....but in the present......I made each of the girls a shrug, you saw them last time. And well they are in the mail. Then I got on the kick of these fabric rosettes. I. think. they. are. CUTE! And I don't care what some people might think, they are adorable. Sucky as the hubs says but what do men know?
They need to visit the Etsy store. is what I've accomplished.

Images appear larger than actual size!

Is this not adorable? Yes it is.

Not too shabby and not too chic

These blue beauties I think will adorn a jean jacket or a cardigan

There hasn't been much running happening this week but the 2 hour run last Saturday and a few days at the pool and our run this morning will tide us over till this weekend. I will certainly be much happier when we can get on a regular schedule again. I will not run at -24, or in a foot of snow, so this morning was quite nice, freshly plowed roads, crisp cool air, dry pavement, yes that is my idea of a good run. None of that other rude winter weather inconveniences. TGIF tomorrow and I am so glad this week is over. It has had it's ups and downs, that is for sure. Now it's time to go count sheep cause this craftyrunner is worn out. Good night!

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