Monday, February 21, 2011

I will not whine....ok maybe just a bit!

Can we say enough already! Just when you think it's going to warm up it kinda sorta does then the wind blows down from the north and makes it freaking cold as the Arctic! Trish and I ran this morning the first time since last Tuesday when the great freeze hit once again......I am so done with this winter. Hawaii never looked so good! I was just reading "Little Red Said" and see she has been busy making a felted needle holder, very cute Debbie! So this reminded me I wanted to make a felted book that I had seen over at "Little Birdie's Secret", so as soon as I finish up all these crochet projects that I have half way done, I am making this book. Can you have too many knitting needles and crochet hooks.......naaaaa didn't think so! Because don't you know they all have a different feel. Plastic, metal, bamboo, wooden, and some other foreign materials. So I need to put them all into ONE place so I have easy access.

Now I am scouting out e readers.......I am not very technologically inclined but I have been looking at the various varieties of e readers that are out there. I want it to be wireless, stylish, compact, very functional, and e pub friendly. So if someone out there has one and thinks its really, really good. Please let me know. Hubs said he would get me this for my birthday because I looooveeee to read, and to tell you the truth, I have been limited lately because I have only been getting books with the large print and the selection is quite poor to say the least. I don't want to have to strain my eyes any more than necessary. So I like the Kobo Wireless, 6 inch, lilac because it seems to come highly recommended and will do all the things I want it to do.

Kobo Wi-Fi  E Reader
 I hate not to have all my books lined up to read but they are a wee bit heavy when you are travelling so I will probably use it mostly when I am flying or travelling when the e reader would be more convenient. Anyway, so that's it that's all....I  am out of here and going to go sit and put my feet up and watch my tv shows for the evening and finish up a crochet project. Ciao for now........

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  1. I hear you. I hate winter and I am so sick of the cold! My dad just got back from Hawaii and I won't even accept his calls...I'm too jealous!