Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend in review

It's hard to believe that tomorrow will be the end of February. Holy guacamole it went by fast! I'm sure I just said that at the end of January. Well March is certainly coming in like a lion. This weekend we got about a foot and a half of snow! Totally unbelievable! Ok, it's not unbelievable it's insane! Looking out my sundeck doors, all I see is white. Forget the backyard, the snow banks are as high as the railings, so it makes it hard clearing off the deck. Steve is not impressed. I don't think he has been out for two days. Not a happy camper that's for sure. Chowie just curls up and goes to sleep. Eat.....sleep ........that's good enough for me........I went running yesterday morning with Kelly, as she is training for the Boston Marathon in April.. Good on her! I don't mind running with someone who is training just can't see me training to do one myself. Althou I would love to go to Boston.....So we had a great run 13km, and hour and a half. Very slow but that's what makes it bearable. Speed = injury. Not in my books. Sure glad I did it yesterday cause they won't have the roads plowed for a few days and AGAIN it's going to be a "butt" freezing week with minus temps and windchill. Hello treadmill!

 I'm soooooooo excited! My Kobo reader is here. So I spent the weekend making covers for it. Cause you know it's all about the accessories. I crocheted one on Friday and Saturday, I made a cute little fabric case. I know, the ADHD and OCD were in high gear this weekend. Not to mention a crochet hook fabric folding case. I have to say there are some darn cute ideas out there, hence the reason I have to make a variety of accessories......that's the way I roll..........................................................:*)))))))))

Rosette and pearl embellishments
 Well that was my weekend. I am going to go finish watching the Scotty Tournament of Hearts and hope that Saskatchewan beats Jennifer Jones, not because I don't admire Jennifer and her play, I just like to see someone new win. Sooooo ...........................Good Luck Saskatchewan!!!!!!! Later my friends........

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