Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm over it.......pass the wine

Well just when I thought things were looking up with the weather... Boy was I wrong! The forecast is for more cold next week and wind. So this has led to drastic measures! No I'm not talking back to the pool because I am water logged and done with that place for a bit......nope its the ever faithful clothes hanger......what? You don't know what that is? Really! Come on it's that machine you just had to have and you store it in the basement or it gets used mainly for hanging clothes on.....Yes, that's right I am talking about the treadmill. Hubs calls it the clothes hanger that would be because he's the one that decided to buy it, and I am the one who runs on it. I didn't think we needed one because I am a pretty hardy northern girl but I have to admit with -20 Celsius weather and a wind chill of -34, it's not looking so bad these days. So I have made up my mind to just DO IT! So today ........I put my shorts on and tank and pretended it was summer, whilst watching the Scotty Tournament of Hearts  curling this morning. Ya, ya, I know , curling......but actually it's a great sport and I can watch it for hours. So I put in 45 minutes pounding the rubber. Soooooo.... until the weather changes I will not give up. I found a program and I will improve my speed and endurance and quit my whining...............hahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!! Pass the wine..........

Like NOBODY smiles while doing this unless they are nuts!
Did a quick trip to Michaels at lunch and picked up wool to make daughter a purple-fushia throw for her bed, so far I have 6 inches done. Picked up and cut wood to make frame for my paint chip mosaic, will finish tomorrow. I will survive this cold weather and will not become discouraged. It cannot last forever! Take care my friends and stay warm! Have a good evening....................

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