Sunday, February 6, 2011

crazy about crochet

 So as most of my closet friends know when I become passionate about something look out! It's all or nothing until I tire of it. Well I'm not there yet but maybe after the next few creations. I found this pattern on the Bernat website and well I ran with it. Then I thought really I should make some for my girls. I know they always need little sweaters to cover their shoulders and I like to crochet. I'm thinking I like it better than knitting but that's still in the air. So I made two of these little shrugs so far.......I may make a few more. The first one was a trial run and the blue one I changed it up cause that's the way I roll........

So now that I 've made these two I know what I will change, the green one is the first one I made and I followed the pattern and well the second one I fiddled around with the stitches and the length and the finishing so that's the one I am going with. Jane likes green and Kait likes blue, and I have a humungus ball of black so I might have to shake up a newer pattern but I think they will be handy and good for those cool evenings.
I started my paint chip Ballard designed Mosaic picture, Jennifer over at Life, Crafts and Whatever Blog did a great tutorial so I tried to listen and now I am waiting for it to dry, the second coat of Mod Podge is on. Tomorrow I'll have to pick up some dark walnut stain. This is not a quick project so you'll have to wait on this one for a few days.

We ran yesterday, a gorgeous morning sun shining, a little slippery in some parts but Trish and I had recovered from our owies, so we hooked up with Kelly as she was doing a 3 hour run and needed some company or should say wanted someone to join her so I thought we could handle the hour and half. We did just fine for the hour and a half and..... well she had another 30 minutes to do.  So after we dropped Trish off, we took off around the block and put in another 30 minutes. Okay.... call me nuts! Yes I was but I felt good. Am I a little sore today? Yup but not injured so that's okay. It's all good.

Well SuperBowl LXV is history and the Packers are victorious! Good for them they held on when the Steelers were clawing at the backdoor. So it's back to work tomorrow. I don't know why the weekends have to fly by so fast.... oh well c'est le vie!

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