Sunday, October 16, 2011

Savouring the Sunday......

I tend to really like Sundays......not so much today! Crikey! Didn't get to run this morning.....could have but my friend ditched me already! Susan is quite depressed about me moving but usually on a Sunday I run with Trish and she is in Vegas.....I hope I get a few days in this week. Fall running is so refreshing. It was mighty cold this morning, frost killed off the last of the flowers except my geraniums I have under the front porch.... I think I better put them in the garage before they really get hit....I'd like to keep them if I can but that could be a problem.

Today I went to a baby shower for my girlfriends granddaughter.....OMG I love babies!  She is the cutest little button I have seen in a while. Olivia was very tiny when she was born, a few weeks premature but she is making it up in leaps and bounds. You forget how tiny they really are until you old a little one. My son was premature and tiny compared to the girls, but it is amazing a pound makes.

Olivia looks like she might be a little chubby....
but far from it I had the zoom in on her!
Well I have been busy preparing for the move, editing and throwing out things.....what a job! A little painting and spiffing up was in order for a few things and I think I am gaining on the chores. I won't be leaving as soon as we thought, depending of course on how long it takes to sell the house. People are funny when they are buying houses, I guess I am no different......I think I have a really nice house and unique in its own way, not your average cookie cutter house. So we will see just how long it takes. I am thinking positive and visualizing being in my new home and having my children at home in our new house somewhere on the Sunshine Coast. Well I am bagged and need to check on a paint job to see how it is drying. have a nice evening and I hope your Autumn is as beautiful as a picture.

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  1. Hey send me an email on all the details of you guys moving!!!! When , where, why, will you work, etc. Wow Crazy. are you excited...details today please. Ahh crazy. Exciting