Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's been a trying Thursday.............

Well change is in the wind for this craftyrunner! We are going to be moving in a few weeks as the Hubs has taken a new job. It all happened very fast but we are pleased. I will be closer to my mom and brother/sister-in-law and no more foot deep snow runs. The Sunshine Coast is called that for the very reason they get a lot of sun. Of course my luck it will rain continually all winter long. Ouch!!! Bite my tongue! No really...... this is a good thing and adjustment and change are always hard whether you plan it or it just happens. So the next few weeks are going to be very trying and I am sure there are going to be many tears. I have lived here for 42 years, and raised my children here, my friends I will miss, as you well know, women treasure their friends. I have many, many good friends and all for different reasons, some I have know since elementary school, high school, working in various jobs, and friends who I have met through my new passion....running. I' ve come back to normal this week but boy was I tired.....Hokey Doodle!

I won't be going in the Artisans Fair now as it will be too closing to the moving date and besides I do not think it is being run very well this year. In past years the jury has made decisions long before now on the entrants and they still haven't notified as much as Debbie and I are disappointed I am thinking it is going to be a Gong Show. So maybe I will just set up a shack on the side of the road and sell my knitted/crocheted wares. Or I guess there is always Etsy....if I had a clue on how to set up an account!

Well time for this girl to hit the hay. What a day! Way too many things rolling around in this head. Time to shut it down for the night.

Good Night...........................

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