Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Run up to Soames Hill

"Make it Monday" took on a new meaning for me, make it to the top of Soames Hill! And make it we did! Yikes! Now that is a hill let me tell you! Of course, you should check with your doctor before taking on any physical challenge and  not to be attempted by the "faint of heart" or the "couch potato" because I would compare this hike to climbing the stairs at Ballygally Castle. Sue and I ran from home to the bottom of Soames Hill/Park which as it turns out is 8km, then climb to the top, similar to the Grouse Grind but the Gibsons version and only two hundred steps. So you think that it's "a piece of cake?" Well it was for us! Because we are "Machines" I tell ya!

What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger! With all the hill running we have been doing of late, we have some mighty strong quads and hamstrings, not too mention our glutes! No baggy, saggy toosh for these ladies! No siree!!!!

Piece of Cake!

So the s.a.d. part is, I only took my phone and thought those photos would turn out decent. WRONG! OMG! I do not know what is wrong with that phone, so "no photos" Boohooooo!!!!! Soooo, like a good blogger, I went in search of photos on Google, and as it is a famous hike, I knew there would be something around. Just not with me and Sue in them......drats! They were awesome photos.......oh well, we'll just have to do it again!

The map to guide you through the trails

The start of the climb two hundred steps,
 I didn't count

The new bridge across a gorge

The " piece de la resistance'":*)
The view from the top
Well worth the climb and the photos ops are amazing! So those capable of climbing hills definitely have to add this hike to their bucket. Of course when Sue and I got to the top a much needed snack of Sharkies was in order because now we had to head back down and run back the 7km to get home. We took a bit of a short cut which only cuts off 1km and by the time we got home I was tired. After a cup of coffee and hot shower I felt much better. So the Hubs and I walked down to Bonneybrooke and wandered the beach for a few hours. Call me crazy! And yes I was thoroughly tuckered out after that day. Well you know what they say" no rest for the wicked, and the good are all dead" So keep on truckin! Now I need to get a list going here....... a few chores and phone calls need to be made. A few projects need finishing......

Another beautiful sunny day!  How does your week look? Have a great day!
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