Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Gatherer.............

Yup I am back from the "city". Good times, lots of shopping! Did I get the things I went for? Not so much! I am terrible when it comes to Ikea...............OM Goodness! Attention Deficit at its best! So I didn't end up getting the dressers that I showed you, not sure I want to go that route but I could still go you have any idea how hard that place is to stayed focused in? I love that store!.............Good thing I stayed on budget! But I did get a new duvet cover and it is beautiful! I am thrilled with that purchase....I'm kinda of picky when it comes to my bedroom and its has to be peaceful and serene so that I have some place where I can unwind and recharge my batteries. And my studio is getting that way, a few more days and tomorrow the Hubs is going to help me move a few things around.

So today was quite busy, even managed to get in a run this afternoon with Sue. Nothing strenuous, as there's no need just time and mileage right now. Then I decided I needed more pieces of driftwood for my "fleet" that I am building. So off to the beach we went and we must have walked a few miles down the beach, and on my way back is when I started gathering boat bodies! Well needless to say, my arms were loaded and the Hubs pockets and hands were full.

I think there are enough to complete my fleet,
I would like to make a "large"vessel but haven't seen the right

My cache of boat bodies

My wooden cork screw
And of course, the trip wouldn't be complete without
finding some sea glass and two pieces of pottery.
Well this Gatherer is done like dinner, time enough to drink my tea, and toodle off to  bed and read my new book.  Till we meet again! Sweet dreams.................

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