Monday, May 7, 2012

Oh What a Weekend!

Well the weekend is over and had tons of fun with the girlfriends in the city. Mucho shopping! I think in total we must have run a marathon and a half. Friday night we picked up our race packages and wandered around the Expo but didn't see anything particularly exciting. Too bad, although, there was a new winery there promoting a calorie wise white wine. It was called Skinny Grape and one glass has 80 calories.   I Guess that's better than 120 but when you drink it out of a bucket what's 40 calories here or there! We finally found a place that would take the six of us without a reservation and had a yummy dinner. Do you know how hard it is to talk and listen and respond when six women are talking and they haven't seen each other in 5 months????  Hokey doodle!

We spent quite a bit of time in the Lululemon store, even got locked in when they closed and someone was still trying to decide how many jackets they we buying! Paige! But it was all good fun! And "I" did not see a thing I couldn't live without. How shocking is that! Something must be wrong with me.........actually I was waiting for the Running Room! Now I am ready for the trails! No more boulders embedded in my arches!

We, being the die hard partiers were back at the condo by 9:30 and in bed by 10:30! Yup, out like lights, that how runners run! Saturday morning was quite leisurely with no one in too much of a hurry to race out the door. Coffee, chatting, and catching up. We made our destination plans and headed out. Shop, shop, shop, travelled on the Canada Line, now that was fun! Doesn't take much to amuse me! Annie and I decided we were eating in-house Saturday night and I was cooking, so a quick trip to the grocery store and headed back to the condo to relax. Jo was back there before us and had a relaxing afternoon. Smart girl! So yet again another early night and lazing about, Sunday morning 4:00 am would come fast enough!

The girls getting ready ........

Annie taping her arches because we wouldn't be die hard
runners if we didn't run with some aches or pains

My toast and peanut butter,
 that I couldn't choke down

The Four Half Marathoners, looking bright and chipper at
5:30am, our sad marathoner was taking the photo,
poor Paige.......she made the trip but
couldn't bring herself to injure herself further.......
Well the trek to catch the transit was a few kms, and then when we arrived at our destination we had another few kms to walk but we made it in good time and then we waited........and at 7:00am the race was on. A beautiful morning, the sun rose and the sky cleared, and we started our 21.1 km trek back to the city center. All was going really well till I "hit the wall" at the 10km mark and thought I was going to up-chuck in the nearest bush. The head was swimming, the legs felt like lead, and my stomach was not a happy camper! Not quite sure what all went wrong but whatever it was the next 11.1km was at times a Holy nightmare! But I ventured on and although I would have liked to have finished under two hours, the walking breaks, took up a few extra minutes and 2:03 was mine and Annie's time. Jo and Laurie kick some serious butt and finished in 1:46. An awesome time, but then the two of them are not quite human! Superwomen! And Annie, well I know she could have kept up with them, and had a better time but she said she was fine and stayed with me. I have such wonderful girlfriends! I treasure them on good days and bad days..............
through thick and thin, I am a lucky girl! So we said our good-byes and see you soons........sniff........sniffff..........and we will see each other again.......soooon........  I made my way home via Home Depot, Home Sense, Fabricland, and then collapsed at home with the Hubs for the rest of Sunday! exciting and an exhausting weekend. I am feeling much more normal today, no real ills effects of yesterday, but going down stairs are a bit of a chore! So back to the renovating this week........but for now there is a comfy bed calling my name! Nite!

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