Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Best Laid Plans........

My plans for today kind of went astray....but sometimes change is good. I was up early and it looked like it was going to be a nice day and it did not disappoint. Sue and I went for a short run this morning at 9, just a quick 6.5km then came home and did a bit of laundry and tidying up. Hubs went out for a bit so I did some organizing and straightening up.....why is it when you aren't around for a few days things get out of control? When he came back the sun was shining brightly, so we decided to take a hike up Soames Hill. He's never been up there so I said sure.......got to do these things when its a nice day, it could rain tomorrow! It was a little hazy today so the photos didn't really turn out that well but still it was a good hike and plenty to see.

Hubs nearly at the top

Sitting up top looking down on the bay

Standing on the edge of the world

Hubs sitting on the edge being very brave!

One of the 200 steps to the top

Bridge over the ravine

Very large cedar trunk

There was the tiniest fairy mushroom growing on the
side of this stump.

I saw this stump and it looked
like a giants legs sitting and
hanging over

This tree stump had obviously been chopped
down at one time and then.....
 another tree grew out of the stump!
Well that was our hike and then I went and got a few groceries and some marigolds for the new flower beds and tonight I went running again but this time it was trail running! Only for half an hour but what a workout! Pocahontas running through the forest. What a great place the Sprockids Park! Just awesome trails. Lots of mountain biking trails.  I think Joanne and Annie would love this place. So things are back to normal tomorrow and some serious painting is going to take place. Please sun.......... shine! I have many things to do, and tomorrow is another short run day........thank heavens recovery was fast, I guess there will be another half in the future! Good nite all! Have a good sleep!

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