Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some Things I Know For Sure

I’m not sure if it is the season and the time of year, or if it’s my age ( quit smirking) that's making me more reflective. But these past few weeks I have noticed that I've been  a little more in tune with my thoughts and feelings about life. I know…..deep eh? I think its because when your kids leave home and you finally have time to do the things that you have put off because of raising kids, keeping, house, working and just general running around with your head cut-off, you can breathe deeper.

So I have been thinking about some of the things I know for sure:
1. Life does not slow down because you don’t have time to do everything.

2. Just because your kids are young adults doesn’t mean they still don’t need you

3. Eating too much gives you a stomachache

4. Drinking too much gives you a headache

5. Staying up too late makes you grouchy

6. I love reading, knitting, running, sewing, crafting

7. I love the smell of Autumn leaves

8. I love the air after a rainfall

9. I really don’t like water running but I do it.

10. Friends are important

11. Talking to your mom everyday is a gift

12. Missing your kids is normal

13. Messy kitchens drive me crazy

14. Chocolate is a good pick me upper

15. Red wine tastes better than white again

16. Comfortable shoes are a must with all outfits

17. A feather bed is heaven at the end of the day

18. Rainy days are to be enjoyed

19. Baking is good for the soul

20. A hug anytime makes you feel all warm and fuzzy

21. I love peace and quiet

22. Don’t take your life for granted, it can be over all too soon.

23. Do what you love and love what you do.

24. Take solace in your surroundings

25. Laughing is more fun than crying but both are cleansing

Well that about covers some of the things.  I know I could find a few more but really that’s enough to make up your own list and to think of things that are important in your life.  Have a great night!

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