Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just a funny story....

One day last week one of my students, who shall remain anonymous, had been to the Art Gallery and spotted a particularly unique idea. So after much discussion last week about her use of profanity in each sentence, I had thought this week everytime she swore she would get soap. So she mentioned these "Soap in Sweater". She said if I got her one of those, she would definitely curb her language. So that got me to thinking mmmmm....... "I could do this". All in the name of rehab! Well as it turns out it wasn't or isn't a new concept. Many blog girls have done this craft with wool roving. Well, I didn't have wool roving but I do have felting wool. So I proceeded to make these.

felted sweater around bar of soap

labels were made on computer

So the idea is to use the felted bar with the soap on the inside to bath or shower with. Then as the soap wears away the wool felts smaller, and smaller. Well needless to say she was quite tickled that I would make these "Soap in a Sweater". I know a little crazy but what a neat idea! I think I will be whipping up a few more of these in the near future.

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