Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The week in review....oh my gosh

Last week flew by before I even knew it. We had a party at our house on Saturday, so the lead into the weekend I was very busy preparing food and trying to get the house in order. I had the menu figured out for a few weeks, so it was just a matter of picking up the last minute things. On the Saturday morning my good, good friend rescued me and came down for a few hours and helped make up a few dishes while I fussed around cleaning and setting the table. Thank you so much for your help! I owe you big time Pam! Well the party came and went and it was a success, lots of fun and the food was great. Needless to say on Sunday, I was tired as I didn't sleep well and so I pretty much watched curling for a few hours and did laundry and knit! Monday was a day at the pool as it was -13 and Trish wanted to avoid the cold but Tuesday wasn't much better and we ran our 10km to the bridge and back.....we are a hardly pair ( or crazy) because I am sure if we were used to only running in summer like weather, we would have just stayed in bed. Wednesday we were at the pool, and it was much more enjoyable. I think we are in  need of a break from running but that will mean disaster I am quite sure. It's party time again this week with a dinner tomorrow night, a luncheon Saturday, and party Saturday night. But the main thing now is finishing up the shopping and wrapping and getting the main tree decorated in the living room! I think I am running up against some opposition to moving furniture but I am confident I will win!

I've come across a new project I would like to start in the new year. I know, I am my own worst enemy. First I need to finish up the ones that I have started. But here is a peak and maybe you can guess what it will entail.
Today is the 30th Anniversary of the death of John Lennon. I can't believe that it has been that long. They were playing some of his songs this morning and I think his "So This is Christmas" song is my favourite, what's yours? Have a good day!

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