Thursday, December 30, 2010

Desperate Measures

I had to resort to some desperate measures today, and it was not a small feat let me tell you!!! My daughter Jane gave me a Starbucks gift card for Christmas and I thought I would put it in my car right away so that I wouldn't leave it at home next time I happen to be around a shop and want to indulge in a latte..........well as the saying goes "stupid is, as stupid does"! And this chick pulled a stupid. In my car I have this little compartment that will hold spare change, small keys etc. Well........I put the Starbucks card on top of the slidey thingy that keeps the change cup a secret.

 I stopped to get the mail the other day and slid the top back so I could get the mail keys and you know that moment when you do something and think dang it! ( Not the words I used but this is a family show) Well I danged it! The little card slid under the slidey lid and disappeared~~~~~~:((((((  woe is me.........stupid is me.....there it went.....gone.....Well not one to be beaten.  I thought  there must be away to get into that area under the gear shift. Do I look like a German mechanic? Not so much. Well the little Silver bullet is well put together let me tell you......but I was a Girl on a mission. German engineering was not going to have one over on me. No sirree! So after much ado............and a few choice words until I found the right tool to take out the screw holding the panel together.........Ta da! Success! I retrieved the card out, scraping a knuckle or two but I got it back. Phew! Now I will just have to fight with the panel to get it back in or maybe I will just drive over and see Karl and let him put it back together. Oh my goodness what desperate measures a girl has to endure. Certainly glad this year is just about over. Ciao!

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