Sunday, December 12, 2010

To Simplify or Not?

Well to simplify or not? I think not! I mean I am really, really trying hard to make things easier and simpler but I am beginning to realize I'm a little more complicated and it takes a lot to get uncomplicated! Does that make sense? Probably not, but I am trying to do more with less. So yesterday, instead of going "gung ho" decorating our big livingroom tree, I decided to take on a much smaller table top tree and to only use my collection of silver spoons, baby spoons and forks. I saw one done on over at The Inspired Room and thought I could do this, because I had everything already! See I can simplify! So instead of laundry or focusing on the main house tree, I made up the Silver Spoon Tree for my kitchen......I really like it and after polishing all the silver and finding some silver ribbon in my craft room this is what is turned out like. I am so pleased.
Too Cute for words.......

These are fake snowballs, simply Styrofoam balls, fake snow, and glue. Too cute!

I had this vase and of course the colour was all wrong so I made it a sweater. Easily done with a sleeve from a sweater and some ribbon. Couldn't be any simpler!

So you see, I can simplify, I just don't think that's what they mean. But I'm working on it. Maybe by the New Year......Have a nice Sunday afternoon.....

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