Monday, December 20, 2010

Ode to the Christmas Pudding....

Now I fancy myself a good cook and the recipes I attempt in good faith usually turn out quite well. Until this one. OMG! I really try and when things go array I really begin to wonder about my abilities. I mean really. How hard can it be to throw a bunch of fruit into a bowl, mix it up and dump it in a pan. Ah! Let me tell may very well be "THE LAST CHRISTMAS PUDDING" I ever make.

My wonderful Aunt Ev said "don't worry honey, you can't screw up Christmas Pudding....well she got a call today and I think I made her day. She certainly had a good laugh about the saga of the Christmas Pudding. I had this wonderful idea to bake it in a bundt pan......first mistake, forgot about physics, hole in centre should not be blocked.....second mistake, steam is not water......oh dear......well after three hours of "steaming the frigging pudding or is that "figgy pudding? I like mine name better......anyway, I took it out and thought well maybe it will set overnight. Third mistake....... didn't set, a mucky mess, well okay I'll bake it......300' for 3 hours......wrong!!!  Lets try 6 hours........oh my goodness.....well it did cook finally, and I did manage to get it out of the pan in relatively one piece...........and it doesn't taste bad...........and it does resemble a wreath...............but lets just say there will be alternatives to Christmas dinner for dessert! Maybe if I smother it in a creamy custard.....I try to be a good daughter. I thought I would make this because my mom will be here, and Christmas pudding with hard sauce was always her favourite and mine. Well, it will be good for a chuckle.

Ah..... it is what it is!

The cure for the pudding gone array

Hahaha! I was sorely tempted believe me!
 So that is my tale of the Christmas Pudding. I have my friend Pam to thank for this little diddy. I'm sure her puddings do not share the same tale of woe. Enough to drive one to imbide!!! Have a nice night. Five more sleeps till the man in red arrives!

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