Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yippee! School Vacation!

Okay so I'm a little excited about having a few weeks off work. I think most teachers look forward to Christmas break, I for one have wanted this for a few weeks. I guess you shouldn't wish your time away but I love this time of year and this year is particularly special as all my children will be here and my mom as well. One day I hope my brother will brave the winter and make the trek north again. It's been many years since we spent Christmas together......... This past week was a near miss for me, after an allergic reaction to a test I had done, I was extremely ill. But I survived and will not go through that again! Yikes!

Well onward towards the holidays. My son came home yesterday and will be home for three weeks. We thought he would not be here this Christmas but we have been blessed that he is still in our own country. Please say a prayer for another of our fallen young soldiers, Steve Martin .Thank you and may you rest in peace......... The girls will be coming in later this week and Jane will be bringing my mom with her. So I have a busy week ahead finishing up details and getting the grocery lists ready. I am dreading the wrapping, I really wish I would wrap it when I get them........when will I ever learn?

I ran yesterday morning, it was a mere -17C' and I think it dropped the last km to -20 C cause Baby! It was cold outside! We resembled Mrs. Claus when we returned, but we are a hardy bunch and it was actually quite enjoyable. At least your muscles don't get inflammed!  Call us crazy but if you wait for warmer days they may not come. So I will try to post more regularly this week before the crazy takes over. Have a wonderful day!

Our Livingroom tree

This sweet little angel was made by my Aunt Eileen. She is very delicate and I just love her.

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  1. Hi Gail!!! What a beautiful Christmas tree :)

    I gather your son is in the armed forces ~ our country owes so much for all the sacrifices of these young men and their families.

    I am amazed you found those slippers of mine on the blog ~ I had a hard time finding them myself - LOL I will often purchase a used pattern book on Amazon and they do carry a used copy of this book found here I am actually wearing these slippers a lot right now because we are having some cold and wet weather and I really enjoy these slippers. Another option for a felted slipper is the French Press slipper and that's a popular pattern on etsy. Good luck ~ and enjoy the visit with your son :)))