Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mid week Sunset

I am ever so thankful that tomorrow is Remembrance Day and a day to remember our fallen soldiers and all of our men, women, brothers, sons, sisters,daughters, husbands, wives, grandchildren. I will not go down to the service at the City Hall tomorrow, because it is just too emotional for me at this point. A day off from work will be very nice also. I talked to my son today and they are in a parade tomorrow in Brandon. I am sure the Memorial Service at the Base will be very moving.

When I was driving home this beautiful sunset was happening and do you think there was a place to pull over? There was a spot I thought would be perfect but there was already someone there. So this was out the window. I think I managed to capture the moment. It looked like something ominous was going to happen.....but nothing did, it just turned into night.

I hope your Remembrance Day will be a peaceful and restful day.....................

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