Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sweet little sweaters

I've been in that nesting mood for the last month or so, it must be either a sign of a long winter or I'm getting old.........hopefully the winter, as I am not ready to commit to being old by any means. I found this great little pattern on Ravelry and since I don't read patterns that well, I changed them up to suit my whims.

Miss LadyBug
Sweet Rolled Collar Jacket
Trendy Blue and Grey for the Little Guy
These were all the same pattern but like I said I just adapted the middle shawl collared one to my way. Not a hard thing to do when your crocheting. I've been looking for a ladybug pattern to do a sweater but couldn't find what I was looking for.

Today was my catch-up day around the house, as I am working the beginning of the week and leaving for a little R&R near the end of the week, and for some sunshine, so doing all the little jobs, making a batch of soap, laundry, studio time, sewing a dress, and being up since 4:00 am watching the Olympic Hockey game between Sweden and Canada, the day started early, so a lot was accomplished. Our Canadian men's hockey team pulled off "Gold", as did the women's hockey, as did the men's and women's curling so we will be forever known as the "double, double" country. Fitting since we have a love for Tim Horton's!

So that was my day busy, busy.....but satisfying enough so I'm not feeling bad about going to work tomorrow. But for now, I need to finish up around the house and then head to bed to rest my head! Hope you all enjoyed the 2014 Olympics and feel very proud of your athletes for giving it their all. Till 2018! Have a good night!

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