Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Busy as Bees......

We've been busy getting the yards cleaned up after a very wet few months and don't you just know how much work is involved with grass.......oh what I would do to eliminate all this grass! So that's our plan, to gradually introduce perennial flowers beds and rock, lots of rock or.........concrete would be ideal but unfortunately the lottery hasn't come my way yet. The Hubs has been super busy building garden beds for growing veggies, his favourite thing to do. He even built my mom a 4 x 8 bed for her veggies.

Sitting porch is ready

One more to come and another few yards of soil
Taurus Rhododendron
My next goal is to add a larger flower bed in the front yard along our fence line. I put in a few Lilac bushes, Japonica pierus (?), and Rhododendrons last years but in my folly I didn't realize what a "PAIN" it would be to mow around them and get the weeds out. Remedy will come this year, I'm all about taking the "pain" out of yard work. Spring is on its way, and that means more time spent outside, running, hiking, and hopefully kayaking, so having the yard looking its best, is music to my brain. OCD over messy yards cause me too much anxiety!

We've been talking about getting into a better routine with our running,  at least three days a week. I should be running 30kms a week, and that's not happening. For one, I hate to run by myself, lame excuse I know, but I like to talk! And I'm all about the social interaction.......Sue and I went out Monday and did a decent 10km, and Tuesday was a new hike for me to Hidden Grove with Carol.

Pine Bluff Lookout
Land between two waters
This has to be thee best verse about sweet someone was
to put this on a bench out in the middle of a forest.......declaring their
undying love for someone.........awwwww.........isn't love grand!
This is pretty awesome also. I didn't know I would like hiking
through the woods as much as I do, and when I come upon things
like this it just reinforces
my heart...... there is goodness in the world.
A hike wouldn't be complete without our
trusty companion, Jackson, he loves
to run through the forest!
Well its a rainy day today, so time to clean the house, and get ready for the work week ahead. Well the two days that I have this week. A trip to the dentist........yuck! Hate to this on my agenda but a necessary evil to keep those pearly whites healthy!

Enjoy your hump day! And lets get crafting! Safe travels my friends, and keep your eye on the road ahead.......Ciao!

Best Place On Earth!

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