Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just another week being MIA>>>>>>>>>

Well needless to say, its been another one of those weeks, when time just gets away on me and before I know it, my life has been pushed fast forward X60....but life is good and much has been accomplished......the Hubs is on the mend and I escaped the plague.

I've been wanting to get rid of the fluorescent lighting that hung in the kitchen and finally thanks to our handyman electrician, we have new lights in over the island and a light finally in our bedroom on the ceiling. Who builds houses without room lights? Mood....smood...I say! When you're trying to find clothes in your dressers, it would be nice to see other than by the light of the silvery moon or flashlight!

Bedroom light fixture

New kitchen lighting by Martha Stewart
Now by the looks of things I will need to fill a few holes in the ceiling and paint the ceiling.....but that's okay it needs a lift. But not till spring.

You know how I like to start new projects........Even when, I've already got 184,739,532,111 projects already on the go! Even when, I don't know what the project is even going to be. And I usually don't ever feel guilty! Crocheting is an absolute obsession with me and it kind of goes in seasons but it makes my world a whole lot happier....must be the wonderful colors and textures of all the different yarns. It almost makes me dizzy when I go into a yarn store! The shawl I had made for a special someone, was a total surprise and one which is loved, so that makes it all the better.

Many matching sets of boot cuffs, fingerless gloves, and headbands.

Boots cuffs with wooden buttons.....love!!!!!!

Ever since I started this obsession with crocheting, thanks Deb! I've found myself in love with hooks! They aren't fancy, or expensive ( oddly in-expensive actually), or are they special in any way. But I love them. A few of my hooks are vintage ( from my Aunt Ev) and I enjoy using most of them.

I had been storing my hooks in a fabric pocket roll but I like to look at them, because some are pretty colors. And we know I like "pretty"! I always (because I learnt that lesson) keep whatever hook I am using at the time with the project, but then I thought I have a nice little planter that I don't use for plants. I'll put my hooks in it! It's so darn pretty!

I like them where I can see them and I can already see I need to get a few sizes that I am missing....for what you say? Don't know yet! But I'm sure I'll think of something. Well I better not quit my day job!

So where do you store your hooks or needles? Do you have a special place for them, too? Bye for now, hope your week is going well. I see sunshine in my future!

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  1. Your boot cuffs are adorable!!! Love the whole ensemble ~ I keep my needles in a vintage fabric sewing bag and I keep it sitting at the bottom of the bed where I can enjoy looking at it as part of the room's decoration. PS glad you have escaped the plague... we're washing hands much more frequently LOL