Monday, January 7, 2013

Good Monday Morning.....

Well its back to "normal" for many this morning, school is back in from the holidays and most people are back to a normal work week schedule. Phew! Glad that eating frenzy is over for another comes the plan to get moving and organized. I was busy yesterday cleaning up the last of the Christmas decor, its always so cleansing to take the trees down and every room looks so spacious again.

I spent the day after our run in the morning, by putting my house in order so that I could concentrate on some crafting this week. And I am happy to say I finished the shawl I was contemplating, and since I didn't have a pattern I was forced to start over a few times until I finally found something that would resemble the original.....I love how it turned out and the colours are very pretty. I hope she likes it. It resembles one I saw on FB, this girl lives in Egypt so no hope of getting a pattern or a photo to show you because Blogger is acting funny this morning. But with the help of my guru Debbie, I finally figured out a pattern......did I write it I will, because Debbie will want to make one as well.........not that she can't figure it out herself but I think she will try and knit it instead of crocheting it. I thought I wanted to knit it too and I may down the road, but seriously....... knitting kind of drives me over the cliff! And we wouldn't want that to happen! So here is my version.........

There are a few things that I am going to adjust, either when I make the next one or before I give this one away. But overall I am quite happy with it and I love the feel of how cozy it is.

Well I hope you have a great week and you come up with some inspriation that will take you through January and its dull grey skies! At least here they are, rain, rain, go away! Ciao for now!

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