Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our first run of 2013......

was in the Cliff Gilker Park. OM Goodness! What a gorgeous place! It is a rain forest, and the trees are incredible! Great paths and not too difficult. Some hills but nothing too, too demanding but an awesome 5km workout. The trails have a lot of roots that you need to be wary of, as you could end up flat on your face if you aren't watching where you are going and picking up your knees.

There was quite the turnout after an evening of partying and dancing.....not too many headaches and everyone was in high spirits and excited about a new venue!

The Group

Chatting and warming up

Sadie the poodle wanting to get going

A waterfall at the start of the run

One of the many bridges along the trails
Wonderful treats to celebrate the New Year run.
Thanks ladies and gents!

A little OJ and Coffee

Is it a bird or a plane Todd?

It was a great day with friends and a wonderful start to the New Year. Well its back to reality for many today and work is calling my name. Tomorrow we are off to the city and hopefully I can pick up a few supplies for my next project. Buttons anyone? Have a cheerful and creative day!

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