Saturday, January 12, 2013

I've been wondering.........

if I should be medicated or not! When my days off roll around, I tend to go quite overboard with projects that having been circulating around in my poor overloaded brain. Then....... I have to go back to work for a rest. But that just gets me thinking again of things I could be's a vicious circle I tell there an "app" for that?

Well I have been wanting to tidy up my yarn supply and use up many of the leftover balls, so that means headbands.....and its a good thing they are popular......then I got on the kick of fingerless gloves, and boot cuffs......but getting back to organizing yarn......I went looking for a basket of some sort, that I could leave out and it wouldn't be a after searching the many places to choose from (not!) I thought hmmmmm........I have something already (of course I do) so why not re-purpose it! Genius I tell you! Sometimes even I amaze myself! But what I was thinking about was totally 80's and totally UGLY.......well maybe not totally, as I did buy it, but that's decades ago.......who keeps things that long! Soooooooo......back to after this "epiphany" I had. I needed a few paint bombs but not the product I would have picked so "kick" its taking longer than anticipated.......

Original looking basket very 80's

Inside as ugly
First coat of paint
Best Paint Bomb in the World! But unfortunately
I only had one can and then I had to use the
next choice......not impressed.

Not so much! I'm not going to buy this paint
again until they come up with something comparable
to Rust-oleum

This is after 3 cans of paint but I'm going
to use a can of Kilz Primer and do it one more time

I want to make a liner
 and I think I will use a drop cloth. then I can fill it
up with balls of Yarn!

Not bad but I'm still wanting it to be
more of the Heirloom White
So since I've figured out what's wrong with blogger I've managed to upload a few photos.  But for now, I need to get ready for work. So I hope you have a wonderful Saturday, and your skies are sunny. I know mine will be today but chilly! And that's just fine as long as its not raining!


  1. Wow! That looks fantastic ~ well done!!! And it will be perfect for yarn storage.... I should find something like that because my yarn is simply stashed in plastic baggies under my bed :(

  2. Thanks Claudia! I was getting that way too, it was in everyroom, I made the liner yesterday so now its all in one place. Any ideas for all those small bits of yarn?