Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Life in the Baja

I'm not sure if this will work but we'll give it a shot! We are into day four of our week vacay in Cabo San Jose and its a wonderful reprieve from the rain let me tell you. Although I think I'm getting old because laying in the sun for hours just about does me in. I know.......being the sun worshipper that I have always been, its a little strange for sure!

We've been having a great time and our friend lives here so we've been given the royal tour! I don't know if I can upload any photos but I was watching the grounds people trimming the coconut trees and it is a sight to behold let me tell you! Safety goes right out the door! But there were no accidents thank goodness! I have photos but I haven't figured out how to get them from the IPad to my laptop! Any ideas?

Well........ as you can see I did try to blog when I was away for the week in the Baja but to no avail I could not successfully upload photos on the IPad, so here we are a week later and we are back home and all is well.

We had a wonderful time and the weather was perfect for the whole week and on the day we flew out it clouded over and started to rain......

 Pool area of our boutique hotel, a fantastic place, small
but everything you could possibly want and right downtown.

Beautiful, colorful buildings

Pottery in black and white that I haven't seen before. It was quite pretty.

Padro the house parrot.....didn't have much to say, unless he only understood Spanish!

Nora, a wonderful little girl, daughter of the owners.

Hibiscus, plentiful everywhere!

We visited with our friends while we were there, and also another couple arrived from our own town which was pretty funny because they live a stones throw away!

So its back to the grind this week, trying to get caught up on the laundry and get a few meals ready for the week. Back to classes and bumping up the training with some body sculpt, I think I am in for a rude awakening!

My car is in getting fixed finally from the accident, and imagine its only been two months! Well time to get back to my chores and figure out my next project(s)!

Tenga un buen dia mis amigos! Have a good day my friends! Adios!

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