Monday, December 17, 2012

Good morning Monday........

Well what a weekend it has been around this household! I went to the city on Friday to pick up my son from the airport and on our way back, we were in a minor fender bender, except fenders these days don't bend then crack and break! Yes, we were rear-ended and my poor little car now has a very broken bumper, and I have a case of whiplash. This is my first ever accident, so I was a bit in shock but we took pictures and exchanged names and seeing as the car was still drivable, we continued on our destination and both of us were pretty quiet, not feeling all that well. My sons back was starting to feel sore and I was feeling a headache and nausea creeping up.

But basically, we are fine and laid pretty low all weekend, I can't believe we hadn't seen our son in a year. So many things have changed since he was here last year, he arrived a week after we moved in so things were pretty much still in an upheaval, so there many changes he hasn't seen.  We couldn't believe that he has grown taller and filled out. He's a pretty big guy now! But I think he is done now and him and his dad are the same height. There will be no arm wrestling this year, because someone would loose! I am officially the midget of the family! My dad used to say "good things come in small packages"..........and well so does "dynamite"! He wasn't wrong!

I finished up quite a few projects this weekend in spite of being out of whack, sewing was the hardest because for some reason my eyes were really bothering me but I completed the aprons and they are pretty cute, and two infinity scarves......The girls will arrive next weekend so the last of the baking will get done this week. In the meantime, trying to fill up this boy could be a challenge! He's not much into the sweets, so no point in making a bunch of cookies, he's a meat and potato guy.

This apron is for my sister-in-law
a little big for me but
it is pretty cute
This BBQ apron is for my brother,
we'll see how that goes over!

Black and red infinity scarves in a couple of new stitches
I like trying new stitches just to see how they make something so basic look a little more unique. Most scarves use a single crochet or double crochet but I like it when they are mixed up, only problem being I don't write things down so each piece is unique unto itself! One day I may just follow a pattern and try to repeat it! But I don't hold out much hope for that since I get bored quite easily..........Well I need to roll here and get to the doctor this morning and have my head checked out and wait for the insurance guy to call and give me the ninth degree and tell me where to go and get my car fixed.......and that should be interesting since there aren't a lot of choices! Have a great day, count your blessings and be thankful for the little things...............take nothing for is precious.........

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