Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oh I am bad................

I spent the day baking and sewing.....oooooh and the things I baked should be illegal! Nothing but calories but tis' the season! I finished off the Nanaimo Bars that I started last night, this morning, and debated sewing or baking.....sewing won for a few hours and once my back started aching it was time to do some baking..............
OM Goodness!!!!! I wanted to try the Caramel Chocolate Pretzel bark, and Shortbread Bites, both recipes were new and just the comments  enticed me into making them and they weren't lying! Terrible! Illegal! and Immoral!

Caramel Chocolate Pretzel Bark

Shortbread Crack Bites!
That's right because betcha can't eat just one!
We did a 5km race on Sunday in aid of the high school band doing a fundraiser for a trip to Hawaii. It was called the Holiday Hustle, there was also a food donation for the Elves Club and I think they did really well in the inaugural holiday race. Sue and I ran together for the most part and did a respectable 28 minutes in the rain no less.......we were soaking wet when we were finished. We waited around after the race as they had a whole whack of door prizes, I didn't win anything but Sue won the grand prize of a spa package! And who is she taking with her for an afternoon of pampering? Moi!!! What a good friend she is! Course if I had won, I would have taken her with me too......:))))))) Running twice a week isn't ideal but we are still going to our half hour boot camp workout twice a week also........January we will get back on track.

Our son is coming home on Friday! Yippeee! We haven't seen him since last Christmas, sure I talk to him lots and text back and forth but its not the same as a good old hug....I'm sure I will get to cook lots of meals for him and mother him to death! But that's what mom's of boys do.......our girls will be home the following weekend and the whole house will be turned upside down for a week....but we wouldn't have it any other way, now would we!

So if you're up to some delicious goodies check out Pinterest for these two recipes....you won't regret it and either will the recipients of this morsels! Have a good evening!

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