Saturday, December 29, 2012

These times are a changin'......

is that a good thing? I think so. We had a wonderful Christmas around our house, I would say it was pretty relaxed and it was a few days of lots of food and goodies and good company. Our girls have gone back home to their lives and jobs but our son is here for another week. He will spend his week eating and sleeping and going home heavier and well rested for his next training session. We were talking that next year there isn't going to be a big family get together, as our son won't be here at home, so we may just have our first beachy Christmas. Which at this point in our lives could be kinda fun! There's no little ones around and a week in the sun might be just the ticket.

So I am ready to ring in the New Year with only one resolution......get back runniing at least 3-4 days a week. Not sure if I will run too many half marathons this year but you never know! In the meantime, I need to get rid of these headaches and even though it may not sound like a solution, running does help, must be the fresh air and the adrenalin rush. So that's my plan.

Here is our family and some of the festivites of the past week.

Some of the antics that went on.............
all about making memories......

Family together in 2012
for the week of Christmas
So now comes the cleaning up and packing away and purging some of the decorations, it feels so cleansing when the house is all cleaned up and de-cluttered but sad at the same time. But when Christmas is over Spring is just around the corner! If we had a week of sun then we could get the lawned mowed because it certainly needs it.

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and you have a safe and prosperous New Year and that 2013 finds you happy, healthy and ready for adventure. Have a great day!

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