Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good-bye Summer

Coming up to the last day of August makes me giddy with excitement as Autumn is just around the corner....and you know what that means! Pumpkins! Pumpkins! And more Pumpkins! I love pumpkin, the one thing that disappoints me, is that I can't grow a hundred of those big beauties! The funny truth is I'm not a lover of Halloween, in fact, I really object to the hype around it, but I can totally see why little ones love to dress up and run around the streets and get candy......but don't get me back to Pumpkins and Autumn......I love the Fall season, the decorations, all things pumpkin, pumpkin cappuccinos, pumpkin muffins, I'm on the hunt for new and exciting ideas to adorn the front porch and the mantel. Pinterest is a wonderful place to start!

I found this yummy drink on Pinterest,
and its actually calorie conscious,
unlike the Starbucks version, so no need to
feel guilty!!!
Pumpkin Pancakes, can we say YUM!
Painted wine glasses turned into candleholders
So Cute!

These are so simple and adorable
 So now I am on the look out for a wreath for the front porch.......this one is kind of different but maybe a little more color.......we'll see.

So this past week has been a little hectic, we have company, Lee is here from Scotland, thank goodness the weather is cooperating and its been lovely. I've almost finished painting the trim around the house.......on-going at the moment......scared the heck out of the hubs by painting up high and hanging on by my fingertips! But really how bad could it be falling nine feet to concrete! Tuck and roll Baby! So I think I will hire someone to do the chimney........the rest is easy peasy.......then we have been bothered by bears of late, and pesky raccoons and poor Chowie got beat up last night and working on his 9th life, but I chased him off with a broom before the worst happened......well thats been my last few days.....sorry for the dribble.......I shall show you a pair of pillows I am doing for Kait and her BF. Very cute! Time for tea! Good night and TGIF! Whoo hoo!

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