Monday, September 3, 2012

If you ever get a chance.......

Go to Whistler/Blackbomb for a few days and do the Peak2Peak. It is well worth it. Yesterday we drove up to Whistler and spent a few hours roaming around the hills and town. Being the Labour Day weekend and a Sunday it was very busy with people from all over the world. It wasn't very often you hear d english being spoken as you walked by people. Definitely a tourist destination. I stood in line waiting to get tickets for the tram that takes you to the top of the world and chatted with people who were here visiting from London. They were really enjoying the sights of British Columbia. They were also going to head to Banff and Jasper, these are other famous destinations of tourists, who want to take in the glorious mountains of the Westcoast.

First stop was the Big Chief in Squamish,
a popular place for daring rock climbers.
this is not on my bucket list!

Heading up the first tram leaving
Whistler at the bottom

These smaller trams take you partway up and
they hold 6 people.
Man made lake, for what I am not sure,
 because you wouldn't want to swim in it!

Whistler Town below
Oh Canada!

The Hubs and our friend, Lee from Scotland.

Looking up to the Top of the World point, we didn't
go that far probably should have
 but it was quite cold up there.
then you walk back down.
These are the trams that you travel from peak 2 peak in,
they hold 18 people but it would be pretty
crowded with that many people in them.

We went over in a glass bottom tram and
 this was the view down below, pretty awesome watching
 the ground pass by 1500 feet below.

Spectacular views for miles around
I like the sign that says habitat and cougar!
What? Only one cougar?

Sorry this is sideways but I wanted to include it
this is a 50km race called Meet your Maker.
I have a friend who did this and his Team came 1st!
This might be on my bucket list! Way to go Darren!
Once you get over to the Blackcomb Peak
you take the chair lift back down to the bottom, the
first half was a little chilly. but then it got warmer
towards the bottom.
So that was how I spent the last weekend of summer. Being a tourist in my own backyard. Hope you had a great weekend. Happy September to you!

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