Sunday, September 9, 2012

Coho Festival Run - Vancouver's 14 km Beach to Bridge to Beach to Bridge to Beach Run

This was my Sunday.....up at 4:50, facebook, get dressed, make toast, hop in the car and take off to catch the 6:20am ferry to the city.......ride ferry for 40 minutes, drive 15 minutes, park car, hop on shuttle bus, go across to city and WAIT for an hour to start was a little chilly, as it was the first day in a long while when the sun wasn't shining brightly by 8 am.....Sue and I met up with one lady from our running group on the ferry,  and then when we got to the Shuttle bus destination we met up with the fellow who is also in our running group, who was nice enough to pick up our race packages  and we all rode the bus together......the we hung out in Starbucks for 40 minutes and tried to stay warm......not that it was cold but we aren't dressed for standing around in the breezy morning. 

So at 9:00 we were off on our 14km run........Sue had a time in mind ..........I did not! But she casually mentioned wanting to be around the 1:20 mark for time, I thought fat chance.......but we would just see how it went.........

Kitsilano Beach

The Seawall
Prospect Point, this was not a nice hill to the top.......
and "no" we did not stop and have a look around
at the scenery, we trudged our way to the top
of the freaking hill!

Over the Lions Gate Bridge to West Van,
this was the reason I wanted to do this run!

Capilano River, we ran over,
didn't see any salmon spawning

Ambleside Park was the finish with this totem
welcoming us home
So we finished with a very respectable time of 1:16 medals or even participant medals but we did get pretty nice t-shirts, and I think if they broke down the age groups a little, there would have been a medal for one of us. Perhaps a suggestion will be made! Anyway that was our day, a few stops here and there, and back home by 5pm. Great day! Thanks for the run Sue! Hope you all had a great weekend. See you back here in a day or so......time for tea! Good night.........

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