Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Over the Hump.....

It might be mid week but it feels like the end of the week to me.....I guess when you start work on a Wednesday your times and places get a little turned around. So last when we talked was Saturday, and I was working on a few things to send to my daughter, those are done and on their way to her. The cowl is finished and is quite pretty, just waiting to get the hubs to take a picture........but I have it on a good authority that it is quite adorable. I made my daughter a few coasters and a picture to go with her color theme, kind of simple but it works and she likes them so that's the main thing.

2 x 3 foot canvas with dot art, purple, lime green,
grays, and black

ceramic coasters

My greatest feat! Parking in my garage!
Woo hoo! Only took 10 months!

A very cool hole in a tree, I was a little
scared there might be something in it.

One of my purchases at BK Nursery....a Sumac tree
and I think it will go on the side of the driveway
where there is an unsightly clump of something.

A piece of driftwood found on the beach one evening,
turned int oour house address, hand painted
I might add.......

Another purchase from the nursery, two torchlight plants with
beautiful spikey red flowers, and a deep pink rose bush,
thank you our Scottish friend......
That was my Sunday and Monday, although the majority of Monday was spent grocery shopping and chores, but we did manage to do another run, up at the Mountain Bike Park, a little longer than we anticipated, we got a little lost, two wasp stings, a twisted ankle......oh ya....gotta love running on the trails! But it's all fine, the ankle is only tender. I managed to stay home all day Tuesday and get some baking done, the Autumn decor is out and I've started on a few coffee cup cozies, and a baby hat for a new little girl..........I shall return, but one last photo that proves we did have a great summer........

A pair of feet with flip flop tan lines, that's gotta be a first
for the Hubs. All from many walks on the beach esplanade.
Well that's all for tonight, too many things to catch up on, but tomorrow I shall return with a tablescape of Fall decor, and an awesome recipe for Gluten free granola bars. Good night and sleep tight.........

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