Friday, September 7, 2012

Hope your weekend is grand!

Busy day for me at work today......paint by the gallons barely had time for lunch.....I managed to get my quilting fabric washed and ironed yesterday morning before I left for work and I am loving the colors but I am not crazy about the backing fabric so when I go to the city next week I think I will look for something else....

I think I will look for something in a teal for the back.....I have a beige flannel but there's not enough now that I decided to go bigger so I will have a look and see what else I can do instead.

I am off to Vancouver with Sue on Sunday to run a 14km race, the weather is suppose to be a tad cooler but no rain and cloudy, so that makes for a comfortable run. Especially with a killer hill in the middle....Oh why do I do this to myself....I do not know! We had a really nice run this morning, and with little to no sleep last night I was quite amazed that I actually felt as well as I did.......I hope it goes that well on Sunday.

I will be posting a bunch of Pumpkin recipes that I have been collecting, and testing them next week.....although not sure what day that might happen since I work an extra day, going to the city, and Monday is booked with , chimney cleaning and painting said chimney.....anyway...hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you find something creative and exciting to get up too.

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