Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm trying

to keep things on track from now on and I thought if i do things as soon as i download the pictures then it would be easier. so number one for today, this is the first time in 20 years that i was not looking forward to the first day of school. i am not employed with any school district these days as you know, so it was kind of a nice feeling for a change....hard to explain unless you have been in a job for a long time and when its time to go to work you aren't going. my friend and ex-co-worker knows that well this year as she is taking a year off so i can imagine she was doing a happy dance this morning!.....so today was kind of nice i have to admit......it started early, that's a given.....the hubs went back to work this week and our scottish friend went to the city to wander around....so i had the day and house to myself.....first thing this morning i put supper in the crock pot, then went off to see my mom and spent a few hours there and came home to putter in my studio. and putter i did!

yesterday i finished making the cushions for kait and her significant other.......i think they will be happy with them, i know i am:))))))

This is the one Kait wanted......she is an "Audrey" fan
can't blame her on this one.......

Tor wants to be a pilot and is working on his license ,
so I thought this one was fitting....

you might recognize this art work......

toilet paper roll art!

many glue sticks and a few burnt fingers......but i think it was worth the pain.....you never know how these things will work out till you start something........and sometimes well..... they just don't! but i am really happy with this......i have been searching for something to "be" the headboard for our bed and some pictures i have found are nice, but they just don't cut it.....and then i thought i would make a headboard......well that hasn't happened......so when i was perusing through pinterest, (loooove pinterest!) i found the well known toilet paper roll art.....and when you have a garbage bag plus of toilet paper, paper towel rolls, you should just go with it! i am really, really happy with the results! i know....... just a tad crazy but when it works it works! well time to go finish getting supper together...........someone should be home sooner or later, i  thinking.......what shall i do tomorrow.......mmmmmm....have a good evening!!!!!!....what are your plans for tomorrow?

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