Saturday, August 11, 2012

Love the weekend.............

Well for some the weekend is half over, but for me it's just starting, cause I don't go back to work till Thursday! Yeah! I know decadent, almost as good a chocolate! Hopefully I can get something done this week. I have a few ideas, what else is new!

Tomorrow is the Four Lakes Run, a mere 10km, over hill and dale, probably more hills than I would like but not be deterred, Sue and I have a mission to accomplish, so I am going to make this a quick post so that I can get to bed and be up tomorrow at the "crack of dawn".
I was looking for a photo of the race area but couldn't find one of the scenery which it is...... a beautiful area to run. Around four lakes with beautiful forests, and more than likely many tourists!

Four Lakes 10km Run
So I am looking forward to a short race, not much training involved and not a lot invested in fees, especially if you do have a terrible run. But the forecast is sunny so how bad can it be. Anyway I am off to bed. Sleep tight and see you tomorrow! Wish me speedy legs! Ciao!

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