Saturday, July 28, 2012

A rollin' stone gathers no moss.......

Well I haven't been sitting on my keyster....that's for darn sure! Where the time goes I don't know! But I'm getting older faster than I can shake a can of paint! I've been busy trying out something "new" to me, but apparently its been around the crafting circles for a while now......I live a sheltered life. What can I say! Crayon art! I know eh! So awesome! I am totally enthralled by it...... if I had actual time to do much of it. Can we say now that working..... it is starting to interfere with my creative "mojo"! I was at a stand still for a few days but then I had four days off and started to emerge to my normal being! But then I got the idea that before my "Rene" came to visit I should get a bit more of the trim painted around the house.......oh dear....why do I do this to myself......cause the weather allowed it.... that's why! So quickly here because I don't have much time left.......I need to get dinner ready........oh and I did a baking spree cause the girls are coming home and I was redo-ing my desk counter........silly me!

My version of a Monet!

A couple in the rain in Paris....

Here's my desk .......waiting for the next few steps
Well that's about all besides crocheting a new pairs of slippers for the Hubs and starting a new toque.......painting the trim on the has been pretty crazy lately.....the Hubs is just finishing a major shut-down and in dire need of a few weeks off work! So after tomorrow he is going to be on holidays for a few weeks and that's good cause the girls will be here and there are things that need to be done. No word from number one I guess he is busy doing some day soon I hope to hear from him. Getting in a few early morning runs.....Sue has been a good sport and its much nicer first thing in the morning......cooler and refreshing way to start your day! Anyways hope you are all well out there in blogger land. And that you are enjoying your summer! See you soon with more updates on the crafting and the next race! Lake run in a few weeks! Yikes already so soon!

Beautiful Clematis
No idea what it is, but I think it
has beautiful flowers!

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  1. You are the hostess with the mostest!! Thanks so much for the fantastic time in Gibsons. Your house is beautiful and you are definitely a creative creature - so many cool things that you've done! I'm so impressed. Thanks for the good food, good wine, good companionship and showing me around the area.
    Love you!