Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kitchen Reno Semi-Complete

I think I'm getting too old for this renovation business! I felt like I had been severly beaten after ripping out two layers of linoleum! The first layer came out rather easy, but only because it wasn't glued down. It was a floor that was just meant to be laid over top of an existing floor. Who thinks up these ideas?!? Seriously! What a D.U.M.B. idea! Okay whatever.......I could go on and on about what people think are good ideas! So Murphy's Law took it's part in all of this......cause when I got down to the first layer of lino from 20 years ago.....not pretty! I think I've seen it in another one of our houses.......yuck!.........and wouldn't you know there's always going to be something that kicks you in the butt! Yup! You got it! The sub floor must have gotten wet at sometime or another and rotten! Well if I didn't feel like crying:((((((((...........why can't things just go smoothly? Cause that's not life my dears! But nothing the floors layers couldn't fix, thank goodness! Simply cut out that rotten sub floor and put in a new chunk of wood! Done like dinner!

If you have ever ripped out old lino flooring, you will know that there is a paper backing that when glued to the wooden sub floor, sticks like the dickens! And this is why they like to layer floor on top of floor! No thank you! Seals in rot, smells, and whatever else is under there. I prefer to have a clean slate. Then its just my dirt. I know OCD......but jeepers creepers......If there's going to be dirt, I want it to be just my dirt!

So after a few hours...... the new floor was in and everything put back in its place......I'm tired, I'm hurting, and I don't ever want to have to do this again! Ha ha! Famous last words!!!

I thought at one point it might have been too dark with the dark cabinets but its not, especially with the counter tops being white now. So I'm thinking..... when I get to the top cabinets and make them white the room will be much lighter....but we'll see when I feel that energetic again.......not thinking that is going to happen for awhile. Just going to cruise for a bit and do some smaller projects, and run around town.....well that has been my last few days...... time for this girl to hit the hay......have a wonderful weekend. We have sunshine these days and I am not going to complain about the heat........because I know it will start raining again and then I'll be wishing for sunshine. So I am just thankful for what we have and I'll work with it. Goodnight!

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