Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm going to try this........

but wouldn't you know.....I'm already behind! Heather over at "Our Life in a Click" has this theme happening where she gets a list of photos to take for each month. This is the one for July, so I am going to try to do this.........I will post the list on my fridge and check them off as each day goes by. Wish me luck! Maybe you should try it too!

So for the first one I do happen to have a photo of my self....kind of scarey but it is me!

I've been playing around with my hair colour and trying to find a new style.......its ever evolving but that's good I guess. That means I am still above ground! So today I was really busy, not sure how I was suppose to take a photo of busy? But I was cleaning house, doing laundry, making up the guest room, dyeing my hair, with the help of Sue, sewing some new "hot dooey's", those would be the things you use to take hot things out of the oven so you don't scorch your hands! Hot pads, I guess are their real names! Hot dooey's just sound more technical.

Of course the weather is still in the tank.....I know the people in the eastern states and Canada are probably wishing they had some cool, wet weather but frankly I coould handle a few weeks of heat and sun! Pretty soon I will be running in flippers!

I have another project swirling in my head at the moment.......and after watching the transformation of this kitchen, I can't help but tackle this next make-over. Seeing is believing.

Perhaps I won't do mine as busy, more the look of travertine tile I am thinking, the flooring that we picked out has alot of detail but doesn't this look amazing! Painted laminate countertops......I've done this years past and it turned out really well even back then. Nothing ventured, nothing gained is how I see it!

Oh, the things we can think, if we only try! So that's my busy, if you can see the wheels turning in my head, you would see busy! Hope you all had a great long weekend.

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