Thursday, July 12, 2012

MIA! I know.......

I haven't been far from my computer, just collecting ideas and doing a few projects and one thing leads to another and well you know how that happens? OMGoodness! I finished painting my counters and it takes sooooooo long for things to dry and waiting is not my forte! But I wanted to make sure things were good and dry and cured as they say. And really if you want them to stand up any length of time, its best to let the product do its thing.
I followed Freckled Laundry's tutorial (cause I'm not good with tutorials, I skip too many steps!) and a few other girls and how they did theirs, the first step was the Primer.....I used STIX cause it dries in 3 hours and I could do another coat and then I let it cure for 24 hours. Even the primer looked good and so I knew I was going in the right direction.

Almost forgot the "before"

The best primer for this job

The "finished" counters
Now in this photo they look completely white but they aren't. I used a good latex base paint for the main color, and craft paint for the texture colors. The lighting isn't that great, so you can't see the other colors, which are just different shades of white, so they don't look much different but I like the clean look and that's what I was aiming for.
Next on the horizon is the flooring and as I type the guys are "floating" the floor, leveling and smoothing it in preparation for the new lino.......That photo will come tomorrow. So I have been crazy busy, and with working 4 days a week, things aren't getting done. I have a few projects that "HAVE" to get done ASAP. Now with these "painted" coounters, I used a heavy duty polyurethane(waterborne) that dries clear and hard, hard! It's used on gymnasium floors so I am hoping it will stand up for a few years then who knows maybe we will do all the counters but one step at a time girl! Well time for me to get busy with a project that is calling my name. Cia for now! Have a great sunny day!

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