Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Canada!

One hundred and forty-five years old! Happy Birthday to You! Canada is young by world standards but we are well established in cultural history. Many nationalities make up Canada, many Canadians have come here from various countries all over the world. And there is no place like Whistler, BC to see this first hand. The Hubs and I decided to drive up to Whistler and make a look........I haven't been there for probably 6 years and it is "unbelievable" really! Millions of dollars were spent building houses, and condos, restaurants, hotels, and a highway to make it more accessible for the world stage. The tourists were out in full today. And by the sounds of voices and accents, they weren't from around here.

It was a dismal day around home, so we decided to jump on the afternoon ferry and take a drive. Its not far from us, even shorter if you were a crow and flew it!

This is Big Chief,
a huge rock face in Squamish
a very popular climbing destination
The Tram that takes you to the top of the world and
you can go from Peak to Peak
Today, there was a huge mountain biking

The riders were flying over this jump!
Lots of fun activities for Canada Day!
Walking around on stilts had to be
scarey, as it is all cooble stone roads
The Callahan Valley, quite beautiful
on a sunny day
Returning home leaving the
Coast Mountains behind
So our day was a nice repreive from the rain, and we needed to check out the sights of Whistler for a certain Scottish friend coming to visit, we'll be taking a road trip for sure to show you the sights my friend! Well time to go and relax with a glass of red. A busy day for sure but very enjoyable! Good night!

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