Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm just saying......

Where does the time go? Does  anyone else feel like the days just run into the next? I cannot believe that it is the end of June already tomorrow. The Hubs and I had our anniversary yesterday 26 years of wedded bliss! OMG! That time has flown by too! It has been a blurr of a week.....did I have any days off.....oh yes "one" how much did I get accomplished? Mmmmm, oh.......pretty much "nada"! Not that I had a whole lot in progress.......... but I do have a list now. Does it look like much will get down?  Ah.... not so much! I started the painting and have thought it through and will continue with the color, I also have the color picked out and sitting waiting for the showers to stop. The color for the studio door is pretty wild but that's the way I roll! I don't  think I am brave enough to put it one the front door but for the Studio it will look fantastic! I did an experiment  with  some clay on.......Wednesday.....geesh its hard to keep track of the days! I was pretty excited, it actually worked the way it was suppose too.

I have a few other things in the works at the moment, involves fabric, wood, canvas, paint......ya its never just one thing.....there goes that ADHD again! The weather has been the pitts of late, I think we had a nice day or two last week, but I would LOVE to have a few weeks of heat! I am a lover of sun and the heat warms my bones and takes away the aches. But lately that doesn't seem to be in the cards.

We haven't ran all week, purposely resting, and waiting till Sunday and then we will get into a mini routine of sorts. No really long runs in the plan so the summer will just be a leisurely stroll of a few 10km races and then maybe in the Fall we'll do something a little longer.
So Tracy has me taking photos of paint's a few from this week........

I'm sure I will end up doing something with these, just not sure what yet, but they are very cool! Kind of like cloud watching to see what shapes you can see. Butterflies, flowers, a clown at one point in this orange combo......anyways never a dull moment, I made a list because there are just sooooo many things I want to do, and as the days slip away there seems to be less time to accomplish this....but if I am awake many more  nights at midnight instead of sleeping I'm just going to start crafting! Can you paint by the light of the silvery moon? Worth a try since sleep doesn't seem to be happening....Well blogger is driving me over the edge, so best be on my way for tonight. Have a great long weekend! Happy Canada Day folks! I'll try and be back with a few new things early on the week! Ciao for now!

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