Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day Sunday

Well if that was the weekend, there it went! A glimmer of sunshine today for Father's Day! So we got out of the house and went to a new beach, Franklin Beach. A very nice place to sit on a log in the sun and collect a pocket full of sea glass.  Amazing how hot the sun can be when it actually does show its little face!

We had a good day, the morning started with our Sunday run, just a little 7km, tapering week!  Then I came home and made the Hubs and I an omelet while he talked with all the kids. We drove around looking at houses and seeing what has come up in the last few weeks. It seems as soon as June hit everyone decided to list their houses! Crazy what some people think they can get as far as price goes!

The rest of the afternoon was spent collecting up tree branches that the Hubs had cut down to let more light into the back corner of the yard, and then some puttering around in my studio, finishing projects that the weather hasn't permitted being done.

I was tired of this chair being red,
so its going to be Bahama Sea,

I like Krylon Spray Paint but the 2x product
works way better than the normal one.....
two cans and the chair still has a red hue!

I think it will be okay but I am going to
just paint it with a brush
and a can of latex

This is the hole framed out
with driftwood

I decoupaged some napkins in the
 middle and I have an idea.....

Another project to be painted
in Bahama Sea

I think a comfy cushion is in order also....
with what else? Dropcloth!
Well that's about it around here. Tomorrow its back to work. All the laundry is caught up and the ironing too! Nothing like having a schedule to get myself organized. Have a good week! And please if anyone sees "Summer", tell her I'm looking for her! Ciao!

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