Monday, June 4, 2012

Whoa! Settle Down Woman!

So that was one quick week that just flew by! I sure hope the rest of my life doesn't fly by that fast. Apparently I need to settle down! Now that could be a problem. My eldest informed me that I need to finish one project before I start another......well.... so far I don't think that has EVER worked for me. I'm kind of the all or nothing A Type personality. But you know what? I am going to give it a try and then hopefully I may even start sleeping at night! Ya okay..... what a dream that would be!

So on Sunday, my day off, this past weekend, I really out did myself, was I tired? You bet your sweet bippy I was. Sleep last night? Not so much! The day started as usual at 5:30am, and by 8 am I had already made chili, changed the linens, washed and dried said linens, then I went for a run with the group and ended up with Speedy Barry, and going a little further than the rest of the gang at a rather fast pace.....I'm not getting any younger here! But since Barry is older than I, I felt there was no reason other than cowardliness, that I couldn't keep up, well I kept up and lived to tell. Then of course my reward was coffee, then Sue and her sister Jody (visiting) decided we would go sea glass hunting so I whipped home, cleaned up and went to the beach for an hour and half! Well the day continued at break neck speed, baking, sewing, lawn mowing, weed whacking, carpentry.....well a girl should have been tired....ya think? Well, I was bone tired but the mind continues it saga and refused to shut down so yet another night with little or no sleep. Tonight I am sleeping, come h--- or high water! But first a few peaks at what I've got done.........

These are the aprons I made for Tracy and I! My goodness
it took a long time for the paint to dry, just another great
project using drop cloths!

Tracy's has the pink Splatter, mine the green...
they are soooo darn cute, if I do say so myself!
This is the wooden planter box first made by Shanty2Chic
and then revisited by I Heart My Glue Gun......I love this!
It was Super Simple.

I chose to put to two candle sticks
 and 3 mason jars just to change it up
A few sprigs that are sure to survive.....
A nest we found out in the shrubs, and a
few new feather-less friends

Our new brand of paint at Splatters, Coronado,
if you live in the Eastern States you have probably heard of it,
now it is available on the West Coast.
This is Andy, he's into painting! A little
short on conversation though. He's our mascot
of sorts!
Well, that's my story and I am sticking to it. My days off are numbered at this point and since the rain is falling I might as well be working! I will pick one project and finish it before I start another, yes I will try................mmmmmmm.....what shall I pick? The list is endless...... maybe I will just focus on running for the next few weeks since on the 24th of June, Sue, Sandra and I are running a half marathon.....well onward ho! I hope you are having an inspiring week of creativity. I will try and heed my daughter's advice and slow down........wish me luck!

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