Friday, June 22, 2012

Two More Sleeps!

That's right two more sleeps and my third half marathon since April! OK, I think I'm good for awhile......time to take a break and chillax! But I'm looking forward to this race, I will get to see Sandra and drag her to a great finish! I sure hope the weather far its not looking to bad for Sunday but you know what they say about the weather, give it 5 minutes and it could change!

So I finished up the painting of the studio and the garden shed but according to a few friends, you can't really see the color and cream doesn't really show as cream and then if you can't remember what it looked like in the first place.......well I will show you....

The "Before"

The "After"
Now we have been discussing what color to paint the door, Tracy thinks it should be something fun! Well there's only a few colors that would look good with the siding maybe "orange"........kind of a pumpkin, burnt orange.....but we will see.

Then I finished painting the chairs and they are set up in the studio.

So here's the color, it's more "teally"
than it looks here, much more vibrant!

The inside....getting more organized
 each day I can spend in there.
The ugly old cupboard, transformed!
Well I was quite happy with my days off this week, that I got so much accomplished! The training is over.....I got to sit in the sun for a few hours yesterday, read my book, and try to get rid of the tan lines on my legs from running, got some color, nothing like pastie white legs but no more! Well time to hit the hay, still have to work tomorrow and then catch the boat at the end of the day to the city. Busy few days ahead so see you shortly! Night!

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