Monday, June 25, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

Well another one goes down in the books.......yes we ran our half marathon on Sunday, and Sandra was still speaking to me at the end of the race! Although she complained after the 10km, she continued on like a trooper and finished the race with a MAGNIFICENT time of 2:05. An impressive time for her first half marathon. She was thinking perhaps 2:10 or more but I knew she would get caught up in the excitement and she did fantastic! My time was 2:04 and that's ok, I wasn't there to set a record. Now Sue on the other hand, had a great race also and finished in 1:55! Her all time best! Well done Girls!
Well today I had to go back to the city to see my back specialist, not because anything is wrong but I just want to make sure that I am not damaging myself. I had a great talk with him about what is going on with the nerves and my discs and he assured me that there is no reason that I would need any surgery unless there was extenuating circumstances. But gardening, vaccuming, lifting heavy, are a no-no! So I do have limitations but running isn't one of them! Yea!!!! He said that since I just ran a half yesterday, I seemed to be in good shape to him and my bones are in great shape. Yea!

So I'm very happy, and as long as I take it easy and take care of my poor, poor, feet.......I may survive! Blisters are my main problem lately....I'm not happy with my lastest shoes. I'm thinking that I need to change the shoes I wear. My plantar fascitis is a minor problem still and I can live with the aches but blisters.....not so much! So we did the doctor thing and just a wee bit of shopping, and I did a wee bit yesterday on our way home. A new clock, a scatter rug, and some crafting supplies. I found out the outdoor Mod Podge isn't available in Canada yet and that disappointed me but it din't surprise me.......but I got everything else I was looking for at Michaels and Home Sense.

A girl can't have toooooo many pairs of ballet flats.
The blue ones are new today!

I took my brothers advice and got out my macro
lense and what a beauty this turned out to be!

I love this rose!

And this one!

The center of a Peony! Gorgeous!

So I think that a couple of these are heading to be hung on a wall. I amazed myself when I saw how beautiful they turned out. Must have dug dig into my brain for these!Well that's been my few days, so the training in done for awhile. We are taking a break from any long runs, letting the feet and legs rest. Back to work tomorrow. I am on the hunt for props to display hats and cowls.......(apparently there is a place in Kelowna) so I'm looking into that for my new studio that is going to be called "My Place" fitting I think. :*))))Well have a good night and have a great week! Congratulations Sandra and Sue!

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