Sunday, June 10, 2012

Best Intentions..................

Gee Whizikers! Where do the days go? I wanted to keep on top of things but the week got away on me and the next thing I knew BANG! it's Sunday and back to work tomorrow......Okay I'm only working 3 days a week now which is plenty because no matter how hard I try I get soooooo far behind in doing things, it just doesn't seem fair!  The weather has been "thee" pitts lately and when it does get nice, its late in the day and I'm already in a "funk" by then. Grey skies, clouds and rain are not good for me......I need SUN! But I guess I'm just like everyone else. Sunshine makes you happy! I did get a few things done this week in spite of slowing down.....

My hooks are a wee bit different but much the same
I found some fabric that I want to make my skirt out of, a little digging produced a few meters of a couple of fabrics I had bought for aprons.....well now they are going to be skirts maybe........Then I started a driftwood project and just about finished it, but had to stop and make the Hubs some dinner.......the least I could do since he has been getting supper organized on the days I've been working!

This is my sewing project,
 if and when I find the time, Susan at
Freshly Picked gives a great tutorial!

Sue and I had a great run last Wednesday, 19kms! I have to say our loop around town has to be my most favourite runs. There are some "Jim Dandy" hills let me tell you. Because you know if your run all that downhill........ there's going to be some wicked up hill somewhere! And we even stopped at a few beaches to check for some sea glass, and found a few great pieces of driftwood, that I went back later for with my car. Today we ran just about 9km and I will admit it was tougher than Wednesday, guess that just tells me some days are good and some days just "s---"!

I will try and have a few photos of my little driftwood project I worked on today for a few hours......many NAILS, and many GLUE STICKS! I see blue sky out there tonight so maybe tomorrow is going to be lovely. Well I hope you've had a wonderful weekend, wherever you may be, and that your skies are blue as the blue can be! Take care. And be safe. And be thankful! Good Night!

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